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1 DEATH CERTIFICATE (rough notes)

Morris Kushlan
36 Clarkwood St

death: July 9/51
direct cause: Lobar atrophy of the brain
andecedent cause: pulmonary congestion and edema

Autopsy was performed

Occupation: Salesman
Industry: Dry Goods
Birthplace: Russia
Father: Samuel Kushlan
Mother: Faiga --- 
Kushlan, Morris (I15)
2 DEATH CERTIFICATE (rough notes)

Rebecca Lewiton born: Russia

father: Samuel Schriro born: Russia
mother: Baile --- born: Russia

direct cause: Broncopneumonia
Congestive heart failure
Anteriosclerotic heart disease
other conditions: cerebral anteriosclerosis
cerebral thrombosis

no autopsy

occupation: housewife 
Schriro, Rebecca Dora (I22)

Morris Kushlan
mother: Faiga Gershenovitz 
Family F6